A Weak Euro Has Not Been Better Investors Should Pay Close Attention To

Foreign Exchange On August 29 – This Week, The Euro Is Still Down On The Way, Just Drop Speed. Same Time On Thursday, The Euro Temporarily To $1.3183, Below $1.3241 Friday. From Weekly To See, At Present, The Euro Has Dropped By 17 Weeks, The Biggest Drop Of 6.01%, This Move Is Very Bleak.

On Friday, The European Central Bank President Mario Draghi Delivered A Speech At Jackson Hole In The United States Attitude Obvious Soft, That Raises The Investor Expectations Of Additional Quantitative Easing The European Central Bank, The Expected Line Pressing The Euro, And As Long As The Quantity Policy Hasn’T Announced Wide, So It’S Difficult To Make General Bearish.

Yesterday The German Negative Employment Figures Released By The Accident. In Recent Weeks, The German Rare Announced A Series Of Bad Economic Indicators, Investors For Germany’S Economic Outlook Has Clearly Is Much Less Than The Early To Be Optimistic. Germany Is The Euro Zone’S Economic Backbone, Is Also The Main Aid To The Struggling Economies, For Now, The Backbone Has Own, Obviously A Weight To The Euro.

The European Commission, According To Data Released On Thursday August Euro Zone Economic Sentiment Index Fell To 102.1 From 100.6 In July, Also Not 101.5 As Expected, The Data Clearly Further Suppress The Euro. However, The Euro Zone Will Be Released On Friday August Inflation Data Is The Key, The Current Market Expectations Eurozone Inflation Is Only 0.3% In August, Weaker Than 0.4% In July. The ECB Considers Risk Level Is Less Than 1%, The Bank’S Inflation Target Value Is Close To 2%.

Germany On Thursday Announced The First Price Data, In Theory, The Data On Friday’S Euro Zone Price Slightly Hints, But Germany On Thursday Announced The CPI Rose In August To Zero Growth, Consistent With The Expected, It Won’T Be Able To Make A Prompt.


Meeting Will Be Held Next Week The European Central Bank Interest Rate, The Market Of The European Central Bank Offering A Large Acquisitions Assets Measures Are Quite Looking Forward To, But I’M Not Sure, Because This Week Three German Finance Minister, Diluting Market About Quantity Of Wide Prospect. In General, If The Eurozone Inflation Figures Released Friday Do Only 0.3% Or Less, So The Meeting On Wide Policy Opportunities Would Soar, So Today The Price Had A Great Influence On The Short-Term Trend Data, Investors Should Pay Close Attention To.

On August 29 (Friday) In Early, Sterling/Dollar Levels Near 1.6585. A Modest Rebound In The Previous Session Pounds, The Highest Reached 1.6613, And The Second Consecutive Trading Day To Yang Line Closed Up. Within Asia Pacific Time, Sterling/Dollar To 1.6585 For A Tight Range.

In The Previous Session Sterling/Dollar Briefly Traded At 1.66000 Above, But Then The Highs. As Mentioned Earlier, The Water Level For The Short-Term Resistance, Rate Any Rebound Is Likely To Be Limited At A Time.

Downward, Sterling/Dollar Is 1.6565, August 28, The Water Level Is Low, If Further Look Down Below The Water Level Is 1.6530/35 (August 25 And 27 Low).

FXStreet Famous Foreign Exchange Website, Analysts Said The Recent Volatility GBP/Usd Is Very Low, Since Early This Week Rate Basic Trading At 80 Basis Points, If The Session To Continue Trading Range On 1.6535/1.6613, This Will Be The Years The Most Narrow Range For A Week.

(Source: GBP/Usd 60 Minutes Figure FX168 Business Network)

Demand For Dollar Outlook 】 【 That Consistently The Bull Market Can Renew The Non-Agricultural

BK Asset Management Chief Currency Strategist Kathy Lien In The Currency Markets Daily To Short-Term Dollar Reviewed And Prospected, She Pointed Out That The Dollar Will Increase Because No Better Alternative, And Short-Term Market Focus Will No Doubt Be This Friday (September 5) Released By The U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Data.

$Is Sweet Period In August, Though Rate Recorded Only In The Past Week, But The Dollar Is Still To Adhere To The Previous Large Gains Against The Major Currencies.

Whether Strong Or Weak Economic Data, The Enthusiasm Of The Investors Are Kept Constantly Buy Dollars, More Than On Friday (August 29) Market, For Example, Although The Weak Us Economic Data Released, But In Addition To The Canadian Dollar, The Dollar Against The Major Currencies All The Stronger. Personal Income Data Growth Slowed To 0.2% In The United States, Personal Spending Fell By 0.1%, This Is The First Time In Six Months.

Chicago Area Manufacturing Activity Significantly Accelerated, On The Other Hand, The University Of Michigan Consumer Confidence To Harvest The Upward Revisions.

As We Has Repeatedly Before, Dollar Buying Demand Continuously, The Fundamental Reason Is Not That The U.S. Economy Have How Good, But Investors Could Not Find Any Replacement Is Better Than The Dollar.

At Least The Economy Moving In The Right Direction, The Federal Reserve (FED) Also In Recycling Rather Than Offering A New Quantitative Easing. In The United States Policy Uncertainty Is Only Limited To The Authorities Will Be Appropriate To Raise Interest Rates For The First Time For Many Years.

Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen (Janet Yellen) Conference In Jackson Hole, The Central Bank Did Not Give A Fresh Hint Of Monetary Policy, But This Week’S Economic Reports And Remarks In Fed Officials Are Expected To Central Bank’S Policy Direction For The Future Give A Hint.

Looking Forward To This Week, Non-Farm Payrolls Data Will Is The Key Of The Financial Calendar Table This Week, The Indications Are That The Employment Situation Is Improving. Weekly Jobless Claims Numbers In August Are Controlled Under 300000 For Three Weeks, 4 Weeks Average Has Always Maintained A Match With More Than 20 Non-Farm Payrolls Growth Levels.

In Addition, ISM Manufacturing And Non-Manufacturing Data, Combined With The Beige Book Content Is Also Worth Investors Pay Attention To.

Evaluation Of The Australian Weeks 】 【 Currency Upward Steps Everytime Market Outlook Is Still Expected To Continue To Rebound

The Australian Dollar A Week Situation Description

High Australian Dollar Exchange Rate Has Been Australia (RBA) Headache Problem. The Problem This Week Showed No Signs Of Apparent Link. Aud/Usd In The First Four Trading Days Are Recorded To Rise, And Refresh The Three Weeks Of High To 0.9372. During The Australian Strong Performance In The Second Quarter Of New Private Capital Spending Data, Constitutes A Boost To Exchange. But Also The Bad News Came The Iron Ore Prices Fell, The Australian Dollar Has Turned A Blind Eye To This. Commodity Currencies Defensive Attributes.

In The United States Under The Pressure Of Positive Data On Friday, The Australian Dollar Pared Gains. Rate Decline After Failed To Hold Above 0.9361, Returning To The Support Of A Line, 0.9330 After The Price Is An Important Resistance Of This Week. Worn At The Same Time, The Exchange Rate Is 50 – Day Moving Average 0.9360 The Medium-Term Trend Indicators, The Price Of Wear Will Trigger A Lot Of Technical Short Leave. This Week The Aussie/Dollar Has Risen More Than 0.2%.

A Week Affect The Australian Dollar Negative

1. Australia Season Construction Completion Rate Than Expected In The Second Quarter Dropped 1.2%, Dropped 0.3%, And The Expected Value Increased By 0.3%. Construction Completed At An Annual Rate In The Second Quarter To 0.6%, The Former Value Increased By 2.6%. In The Second Quarter Construction Completed A $51.926 Billion.

2. The Commerce Department Said On Thursday, According To Data From The Second Quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Annualized Quarterly Rate Increases By 4.2%, The Initial Value For The Growth Of 4%, Before A Contraction Of 2.1% In The First Quarter. Economic Growth Outlook Means The Fed Policy Makers Will Continue To Cut Monthly Purchase Debt Scale. Augur Well For The Fed To Raise Interest Rates Ahead Of Expectations.

Factors Affecting The Australian Good A Week

1. Australia’S New Private Capital Spending In The Second Quarter Season Rate Rose 1.1%, Fiscal Year Is Expected To Be Raised. Australia In The Second Quarter Of New Private Capital Spending Rose 1.1% Quarter Rate Of Accident, Dropped 0.3%, And The Expected Value Before Falling By 4.2%. In The Second Quarter At An Annual Rate Of New Private Capital Spending Fell By 4.0%, Former Value Dropped By 5.0%.

2. China’S Industrial Enterprises Above Designated Size In July Profit Year-On-Year Growth Of Record Years Time. In July China’S Industrial Enterprises Above Designated Size Total Profit Year-On-Year Growth Of 13.5%, Than Last Month Fell Back. July 1 – Total Profits Increased By 0.3% Year-On-Year.

The Current Pattern Of Technical Analysis

Aud/Usd, Figure, According To The Current Average System Transverse Go Flat, MACD (12, 26, 9) The Main Line And Signal Line Highs, Short-Term Or Is Given Priority To With Sideways. RSI Technical Index Above 50% Neutral Zone. Above Pressure Attention 0.9375 To 0.9415, Below Support 0.9270 0.9240. Rate Despite The Breakdown Of August 19 High Of 0.9343 And 0.9363, 55 Day Ma But 0.9374 Or Will Still Pose A Suppression To The Australian Dollar. If August 0.9239/40 Lows, The Exchange Rate Will Look At Low May 0.9176/82 And 200 – Day Moving Average. In Addition, 55 Weeks Averages 0.9212 And 32.8% Retracement 0.9182 Is Also The Key Point. Technical Running On Among (60) Channel, Form The Bottom Of The W Form. Index MACD (12, 26, 9) The Main Line And Line To Above The Zero Line, Price Trend Is Bullish. Relative Strength Index RSI (14) Located Above The Equilibrium Value, Explain Price Dynamics Bullish. Exchange Rate Is Expected To Among (60) Continue To Break Through.

Institutions The Australian Review

Societe Generale (601166, Shares) Global Currency Strategist At Manager Kit Juckes Said On Wednesday (August 27), As Long As Aud/Usd Is Lower Than 0.9400, Suggest That Every High Short. Aud/Usd On Thursday (August 28) In New Capital Spending Data Support Plate By The Strong Australian Hit 3 Zhou Xingao 0.9371. Socgen Reiterated That The Medium Term Aud/Usd Is The Opportunity To Shorting Near 0.9400. From Now To The Need To Focus On Is The End Of The Week, Asset Prices To Rise To What Extent Can Make Further To 0.9400.

Citigroup (Citi) Recently Released The Latest Currency Market Analysis Report, Report To The Aud/Usd, New Yuan/Dollar Is Analyzed And Predicted. According To Citigroup, Aud/Usd Remains Range-Bound On 0.92/0.9470, If The Rate 0.9345, The Double Bottom Structure Will Form A Short-Term, It Will Make The Australian Dollar Rose Again To Shock Interval At The Top. Once The Double Bottom Structure Form, Confirm The Aud/Usd Is The Next Target Points To 0.9452.

Commerzbank (At) (28 August) On Thursday Announced A $$/ Technical Analysis Report. The Bank Pointed Out That The Currency Is Trading At 0.9239-0.9374 Range, Although The Breakdown On August 19 High Of 0.9343 And 0.9363, 55 Day Ma But 0.9374 Or Will Still Pose A Suppression To The Australian Dollar.

Downward, Aud/Usd If August 0.9239/40 Low Lost, Will Look At Low May 0.9176/82 And 200 – Day Moving Average. In Addition, 55 Weeks Average 0.9212 And 32.8% Retracement 0.9182 Is Also The Key Point, Expected Rate Will Initially Be On These Point Stabilization. But The Aussie Long-Term If Unable To Hold Above 0.9182, Will Trigger The Decline To A Low Of 0.8891 In March.

The Eurozone Deflation Fears Intensified The Dollar Index Edged Up 0.01%

Kilter On August 29, Financial News:

On Thursday, The Euro Zone Countries Reporting The Latest Inflation Figures, Spain Deflation Is To Speed Up The Foreign Exchange Market Participants For The Euro Zone May Enter The Condition Of Deflation Fears Upgrade, The Euro Fell; Ukraine, On The Other Hand, The Government Accused The Russian Invasion Of The Country, In Fact, The Currency, The Dollar Index Edged Up 0.01% In Trading Throughout The Day.

New York Foreign Exchange Markets Closed, Tracking A Package Of Six Major Currencies Of The Ice Dollar Index To 82.47 Points, Up 0.01%; Tracking More Currency Types According To The Foreign Exchange Market Trading Volume At The Same Time To Adjust The Wall Street Journal (Blog, Microblog) 74.54 During This Period, The Dollar Index Has A 0.01% Decline.

The Royal Bank Of Scotland, Currency Strategist At Anfield (Brian Daingerfield) Brian Dyne Lattice Report In Thursday’S Customers, Market Need To Absorb A Lot Of Global Events Today.

Spain’S National Statistics Institute Issued A Report On Thursday, August Price Index Fell 0.5% Year-On-Year, According To Come In October 2013, The Biggest Percentage Drop Since The Price Decline, Continues The 0.3% Decline In July, Reversing A Slight Increase Of A Few Months Earlier.

Brian Dyne Field, Points Out That, Later In The Week And There Will Be A More Important Data, The Market Will Concern The Eurozone Inflation Data On Friday, This Key Indicator For The European Central Bank Decision During The Meeting Next Week Will Launch More Stimulus Measures Decision Will Has A Big Influence. Market Survey, Economists Expected Annual Readings Will Be 0.3% In August, Slightly Less Than 0.4% In July As A Result, The European Central Bank’S Inflation Target Is Close To The Mid Range, But Slightly Less Than 2%.

The Euro Against The Dollar On Thursday Fell 0; 08% To $1.3165. The Euro Against The Yen, Down 0.22% At 136.68 Yen. The Euro Against The Pound Fell 0.14%, At 0.7947 Pounds.


The Ukrainian Government Said On Thursday That More Than 1000 Russian Troops Crossed The Border Into The East Of The Country, And Fight With The Separatists Of Anti-Government Forces. The Dollar Against The Rupee Rose 1.65%, To 36.77. This Is The Ruble Exchange Rate Was The Lowest Since 2014.

Other Economic Data, The Commerce Department To Modify The Second Quarter GDP Numbers, According To Enterprise On The Buildings And Equipment Investment Is Slightly Higher Than The Previous Evaluation, In The Second Quarter Economic Growth Should Be 4.2%, 4.0% Growth Of The Stronger Than Before; ), According To Labor Department Data Is On August 23, A Week After The End Of The Initial Claims To Reduce 1000 People In The United States, The Total Is 298000, Slightly Better Than Economists On Average Expect To 300000 People.

Against The Yen, The Dollar Fell 0.14% On Thursday, At 103.7185 Yen. Sterling Rose 0.08%, To $1.6588.

Other Currencies, The Australian Dollar Rose 0.23%, To $0.9357; The Dollar Against The Canadian Dollar Fell 0.18%, To $1.0849; The New Zealand Dollar Rose 0.12%, To $0.84, Last Time Gains Of More Than 0.5% On Wednesday.

(ZeBian: Zheng Kaikai)

The Strong Data Scare The Gold Price

On Wednesday, Thursday, Gold Prices Edged Down To Around $1289, Short-Term For Days Out Of The U.S. GDP And Jobless Claims Is Strong, The Current Gold Prices Continue To Near To The Price Shocks, The Whole Gold Reaction Is Relatively Limited.

Data Show That U.S. Real GDP In The Second Quarter At An Annual Season Rate Rose 4.2%, Expected 3.9% Rise In Value, The Former Increased By 4.0%; The United States On August 23, When The Jobless Claims 298000, Expected Value 300000, Former Value Correction From 298000 To 299000.

Important Economic Data Is Coming To An End This Week, The United States Next Monday Before Labor Day Holiday Approaching, Many Investors Are Also Entered The Situations In Advance, That Makes The Market More Be Straight. In The Global Geopolitical Situation Still Stalemate And No Progress, And People In The Peak Of Summer Break, U.S. Stocks Trading Volume And The Market Volatility To A Record This Year.

The Investors Have To Put More Attention To The European Central Bank Policy Meeting Next Week In August, And The U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Report.

Day Line, The Price Of Gold, Online Through MA10 Pressure 1288 Once Tested Among Rail In 1295, Although Average In Short Formation, Attacking MA5 Upward Run, Today’S Gold Prices About 1295, 1300 Two Mark, MACD Fork Green Death Can Weak Up, KDJ Polymerization Divergence Upward.

Short Term, Days Of The Financial Calendar Face U.S. Economic Data Released By The Most Bad The Price Of Gold, Gold To Go Down Those Routes, And Is Currently A Correction. But Not Blind Bearish On Gold Prices, Data Can Only For Tonight, As Long As Don’T Spot Gold Fell Below $1280, The Bulls Still Have The Upper Hand.


Http://Www.Cngold.Org) Gold Prices, According To The Center Of Beijing Time 23:00, Today’S Gold Prices To $1289.01 An Ounce.

Ukraine Crisis To Reviving The Violent Storm The Two Sides Antagonists Deadlock

On Thursday, August 28) Change Situation In Russia And Ukraine Once Again Attracted The Attention In Financial Markets, Ukraine’S President, Polo Draws Said The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine’S Behavior Has Occurred, It Calls For Ukraine’S National Security And Defense Committee Held A Meeting To Discuss The Next Steps Immediately. Because Of The Russian Invasion (Ukraine) And Cancel The Visit To Turkey.

Ukraine’S Prime Minister, And The Mining Duke (Arseny Yatseniuk) On Thursday (August 28) Called For The United States, The European Union And The Group Of Seven (G7) To Freeze The Assets Of The Russians, Until Russia Withdraw Troops From The Territory Of Ukraine.

At A Government Meeting, The Mining Newkirk, Request The United States, The European Union And G7 Frozen Russian Assets And Funds, Until The Country’S Armed Forces, Equipment And Branches Out Of Ukraine.

(The U.S. Stock Market Performance)

After The Incident, The Russian Stock Market Collapsed And The Rouble, Russian Debt Insurance Costs Rose To A Two-Month High. Once The U.S. Stock Market Decline, And The Gold And Silver, Then Released In The United States Under The Stimulus Of Positive GDP, U.S. Stocks To Return To Rally, And Although Gold And Silver Loss Some Gains, But To Lay A Rebound Pattern.

(The Foreign Exchange Market)

Ukraine Accused The Russian Invasion Russia And The West For Wu Crisis Control

In Eastern Ukraine On Wednesday Accused Russia Of A New Round Of Military Invasion, The Outside World On The President’S Talks On Tuesday Or Become Two Countries For Five Months To Ukraine Crisis Turning Point Of Expected To Dissipate Quickly.

Although Russia Has Repeatedly Denied, But Direct Support For The Country Ukraine Pro-Russian Separatists, Have Prompted Western Government Sanctions Against Russia, With Russia (600558, Shares) In The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), The Tension Between Ascend To The Height Of The Cold War Did Not See.

(American Satellites Photographed The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Team)

Ukrainian Military Spokesman Andriy Lysenko, According To A Team Of Russian Soldiers In Armoured Vehicles And Trucks Across The Border To Ukraine, Enter The Uri Amvrosiyivka East Town. Distance To Ukraine On Monday, Not Far From The Location Of The 10 Russian Soldiers Captured.

Ukraine Security Forces Said In A Statement, In The East Also Detained In Addition A Russian Soldier, He Has Admitted His Troops To The Separatist Rebels Provides Military Support.

At Horlivka And Ilovaysk Lysenko Said, The War In The Two Towns, Government Forces Have Killed About 200 Separatists, And To Destroy Tanks And Missile Systems. He Said In The Past 24 Hours, 13 Ukraine Soldiers Have Been Killed, 36 People Were Injured.

Novy Vzglyad Didn’T Immediately Respond To The Invasion Of Charges. Russia Denied Providing Weapons And Troops To Help The Rebels And Said Monday Arrested Were Accidentally Broke Into Unmarked Border Region.

Late At Night In The Belarus Capital Minsk Talks It Seems Some Progress Has Been Made To The Armistice. According To The Data, This War Led To More Than 2200 People Were Killed, Not Including The Horse Boat In July In Rebel-Held Areas 298 Victims Of The Crash.

Ukraine’S President, Polo Draws, Said Will Establish Emergency Guidelines For Cease-Fire With The Rebels. Russian President Vladimir Putin Said The Ceasefire Terms To Ukraine To Formulate, But Russia Will Help Build Trust Situation.

But Ukraine On Wednesday, According To New Allegations About Russian Center Plays The Role Of The Dispute Remains Unresolved.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’S Spokesman Steffen Seibert Said In A Statement, Ms Merkel And Mr Putin Said, When On The Phone To Clarify About The Russian Army And Invaded The Territory Of Ukraine.

Seibert Said, Must On The Recent Reports On Russian Soldiers Into The Territory Of Ukraine To Explain, She Stressed Russia’S Primary Responsibility Is To Alleviate The Situation, On Its Own Territory.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), A Senior Foreign Officials Spoke On Condition Of Anonymity, Said Russia’S Support For The Rebels More And More Open.

I Think We May Be Able To See A Recent Shift, Support From The Form Of Concealment, Fuzzy, Can Deny That, Frank And Clear, The Only Thing Not Clear Is Russia, They Said No Such Thing, The Diplomat Said.

Weapon System In The Region, He Said, More And More Sophisticated, Including SA – 22 Surface-To-Air Missiles, System Is More Advanced Than That Of SA – 11. Many Western Officials Suspect That The Rebels Shot Down The Horse With SA – 11 System.

The United States Accuses Russia Dominated The Rebels Counter-Offensive Action

The United States Said On Wednesday That Russia’S Invasion Of Eastern Ukraine Border Again, Show To Russia’S Dominant Offensive Action In Ukraine May Have Two Towns.

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest Said The Military Action In Ukraine And Russia Will Unfold In Other Destructive Military Activities.

Ukraine National Security Department On Wednesday Night, According To The Announcement Has Been In The Eastern Province Of Ukraine Lugansk Arrested A Rostov Region From The Russian Border Garrison Soldiers.

Announcement, When Questioned, The Soldier Said That The Unit In Which He Is Responsible For Carrying Arms And Ammunition To Wu Rebels, Including BM – 21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launch System, And Armored Personnel Carriers.

In The East In April Ablaze, A Month Ago Russia Annexed Ukraine’S Crimean Peninsula, Respond To The Ukraine To Overthrow President Pro-Russian Action.

Political Crisis Has Prompted The United States And The European Union Sanctions Against Russia, Involving Financial, Oil, And National Defense And Other Fields; Russia Has Banned The Import Of Food, Most Western Countries To Fight Back. A Trade War Could Lead To A Russian Into Recession, And Kill The Europe’S Economic Recovery.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Sergei Lavrov Said That Russia Does Not Want To Trade Impasse Deteriorating Even Further. He Said In A Speech To Students, We Have No Intention In Confrontation With The West, Sanctions Or Manufacturing The Deadlock.

And He Said, The Next Step, Contact Group Will Meet In Minsk, But Gave No Timetable. Contact Group By Rebels From Russia, Ukraine’S Government, Ukraine And The Organization For Security And Cooperation In Europe (OSCE) Representatives.

The Rebels Say Won’T Give Up Independent

A Rebel Leader Oleg Tsaryov Wrote On Facebook, He Welcomed The Minsk, The Outcome Of The Talks But Separatists Who Won’T Give Up For Eastern Ukraine, They Call It The Novorossiya Independent (Russia).

He Said That Mr Putin To The Efforts Of The Peace Process, The Real Breakthrough.

But, He Adds, Must Understand The Outside World, Only In The Case Of Novorossiya Representative To Participate In, Is It Possible To Get Real Ease Tensions. We Don’T Allow Someone Carrying Us Secretly Decide Our Fate.

Now We Require Independent. We Do Not Believe Ukraine’S Leadership, Also Don’T See Themselves As Part Of Ukraine. We Have Armed Forces Is The Assurance Of Its Own Security, We Will Decide His Own Destiny.

Ukraine’S Prime Minister, And The Mining Duke (Arseny Yatseniuk), Said The Country Needs The Help Of Practical, NATO Joint Summit To Be Held Next Month To Make Big Decision. Further Highlight The Ukrainian Government Doesn’T Believe Russia.

He Said He Heard That The Russian Plan To Stop This Winter Supply Gas To Europe. Russia’S Energy Minister, Will This As Nonsense.

Russia In June For Pricing And Debt Dispute Cut Off Gas Supplies To Ukraine, But Mr Putin On Tuesday After The Talks, Said He And Polo Draws Have Agreed To Resume Talks.

European Union Energy Commissioner Urban Oettinger (Guenther Oettinger), According To Russia, Ukraine And The Eu Tripartite Consultation Will Be Held In Moscow On Friday.